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The Pennell Family - Doing it Right

This issue of Illinois Shooters you should know is not just one shooter but three. Not just great shooters, but an incredible family of avid competitors in school, work and athletics. Please allow me to introduce you to Team Pennell, a family of champions.

Headed by Jeff Pennell (Dad) married with 2 sons and owner of Pennell Forklift Services Inc. Jeff was introduced to sporting clays by an employee just over 6 years ago but was brought into the competitive aspect of the game by another notable Illinois shooter, Bob Davis. In addition to his own notable sporting clays achievements he also has brought along his two sons, Zachary and Jake. All three have shot their way to Master Class. Zachary (23) works in all parts of the family business and enjoys motorcycling and boating like his father. Zach's focus is so sharp and clear that he went from C to Master all within 1 year. Jake, the youngest at 19, works for the family while also attending Lindenwood University. In his spare time Jacob has also become an All Conference Wrestler and was captain of his soccer team. In only six years of shooting this family has filled a robust trophy case with their awards. There is simply not enough room here to list everything.

Pennell Notable Achievements
Jeff -
Helping his sons achieve All American Status
2008 All State Team
2009 Zone 5 Master
All American Junior
All American Junior
Team USA Junior

Team Pennell’s Gear
Shotguns: Krieghoff K-80
RIO and Remington Nitro
Chokes: Comp-N-Choke
Glasses: Oakley

Team Pennell’s Clubs:
Jacksonville Sportsman's Club

Team Pennell’s Other favorite places to compete:
Jokers Wild, Faller's, River Hills, Northbrook & Sparta

Team Pennell's Guide to Success
Shoot with the best competitors possible to learn from them and be challenged by them. Watch the best keep their focus to come from behind and create their own win. The shooting motto is the same for all three Pennell boys (men). Shoot to have fun, be relaxed, laugh a little and the wins will come. Please learn from the Pennell family and bring more shooters to this great sport and have some great times.

Follow Jeff's lead and bring out more youth shooters. Select  from your friends, family or reach out to schools and other community groups. My dream as a father of three and  an avid sporting clays shooter is to live the shooting life of the Pennell family.

After a few of these profiles and meeting thousands of shooters across the country, I have seen a trend that I would like to share. Almost everyone I have ever met in this great hobby was brought in by a friend or an acquaintance from another shooting sport or similar hobby. Very few of us came in on our own. I challenge everyone out there to bring someone new to the next event. If you need help with getting them started I am sure that anyone will help you with additional gear, some guidance and another friend to join the squad. If I'm there I would love to help another join our great sport.

See you on the course… Dan Grebel
If you know someone else that shooters should know, please see me on the course.

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