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Dale Randall

Dale Randall, married to Brenda,  has been the proud owner of Randall's Body Shop in Mt Vernon for over 35 years and has been shooting sporting clays for over 12 years. Dale is not exactly new to the clay target sports. He has been breaking clays for well over 30 years. A common theme about our sport holds true with Dale, like many before and hopefully more to come, he was introduced to Sporting Clays through friends. Fellow trap competitors, Mike Hampton and Mike Jordan, brought Dale out to a sporting clays and few years later Dale busted his way into Master Class. While not shooting Dale spends time with his wife and is very busy running his body shop. During his shooting adventures Dale has created an impressive list of achievements. The following are just a few his major State shooting accomplishments.

Dale's recent IL State highlights:
2009 & 2010 IL All State Open Team
2010 IL North/South Runner Up
2009 IL State Championship Master1
2009 IL North/South High Overall
2008 IL All State AA and Vet
2008 IL North/South AA, Sporting, Super Sporting & FITASC

Dale’s Gear
Shotguns: Blaser F3 K-80
Remington Nitro 27's
Chokes: Briley
Glasses: Randolph Ranger
Hearing Protection: ESP Hearing Protection

Dale’s Clubs:
Rend Lake Shooting Complex

Dale’s Other favorite places to compete:
Faller's, Sparta World Shooting Complex

Dale's Guide to Breaking More Clays
While not a target hog like some of the others profiled before, Dale limits his shooting to competition and keeps that number around 2000 per year and doesn't practice like he did in the past. His shooting system is very simple. Start by clearing the mind as you enter the stand. While reviewing the look pair determine the distance, speed and deceptive target setters tricks. To keep things as easy as possible Dale prefers the simple approach of working the basics with a move, mount and shoot method. Dale only shifts to an almost full pre-mount during target presentations that are similar to a trap style shot.

Dale would like to see the sport improved through the addition of youth shooting programs. Also, Dale would like to see a better break out of the classes to allow for more fair competition. His suggestion to new sporting clays shooters is start with a good coach, get properly fitted to your gun and stick with your gear and your program.

I think we can all learn from Dale's shooting success. Stick with the basics, stay focused and start winning. See you on the course… Dan Grebel
If you know someone else that shooters should know, please see me on the course.

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