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Joe Breskovich

This edition brings us long time top Illinois competitor Joe Breskovich. In Joe's 16 years of competitive shooting he has held an IL State Team postion for nine of those years! Averaging almost 6,000 registered targets a year Joe has shot about 90,000 registered targets. Along the way Joe has held the position of Treasurer of the State Board since 2008 and was inducted into the State Hall of Fame in 2007.

Joe Off The Course
Age: 58 Married to Carol, also a competitor, with four children, nine grandchildren and 1 great grandchild on the way. Hes worked as a project engineer with the Gus Berthold Electric Co. for over 38 years. Joe became Vice-President in 1998 after starting his career in the shop back in 1975. Joe likes to fill his time off the course and away from work with his family and cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams.

Joe catches the bug...
Joe and some friends decided to try sporting clays at the Richmond Hunt Club where he'd never seen a crossing target before and had no idea how to break that target. Catching the target breaking bug right away, Joe discovered right then and there how much fun it was to break targets and not as much fun to miss. A few weeks later Joe was immersed into Sporting Clays with the same friends at the Remington Shooting School for instruction. He and Mike Warkenthien were the only attendees, giving them free rein of the place. After some basic safety instruction they proceeded to fire 5,000 rounds in three days. Since those first few days Joe has since created a long list of incredible achivements. Joe describes his greatest achievement was at the World FITASC in 2015 held at the Caribou Gun Club in MN where he won veteran 6th at that event and wound up 64th out of 897 shooters, including the best in the world.

Joe's Gear
Shotgun: Kolar
Ammo: Fiocchi White Rhino
Chokes: Kolar
Eyewear: Ranger
Hearing protection: Peltor
Gun fitting and custom work: Kolar

Joe's Clubs
What clubs do you belong to? Northbrook Sportsmans Club
Where do you most often shoot or compete? Northbrook, Upland & Wern Valley
Favorite locations to shoot: Wern Valley, Upland & Northbrook

Joe's Achievements
2002 Illinois State AA1
2003 North Zone Champion
2004 North Zone Champion
2004 Wisconsin State M2
2005 Illinois State M1
2007 North Zone Champion
2007 Illinois State Super Sporting Champion
2007 Illinois State High Overall Champion
2007 Illinois State Hall Of Fame Inductee
2008 Elected Illinois State Sporting Clays Treasurer
2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 Illinois All State Team

Joe's Closing Thoughts
"Recreational shooting is a wonderful way to make new friends, enjoy the outdoors & build character. Call me old fashioned but competition between men is something everyone must deal with in their life so learning how to do that on a common playing field is adding to the character strength of the individual. Watching some of our young shooters emerge from the petulant child to a well mannered young man is enjoyable to watch. These positives need to be highlighted to the public and should be embraced by all. Learning gun safety and building character certainly go hand in hand."

As always please get a hold of me on the course with your ideas and recommendations for future articles. Dan Grebel.

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