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Lyle R. Shear

Lyle Shear, 69, of Manteno IL is married with 3 children, Lela, Rusty & Terry. He works as the VP of Risk Management at FH Pacschen, SN Nielsen Associates.

Lyle was introduced to Sporting Clays on a hunt in Maryland. During a break from hunting, Lyle shot his first round of sporting clays and has been hooked every since. In his 27 years of target shooting he has spent the last 22 years shooting sporting clays. During that time Lyle has reached his goal of Master Class and by living long enough, is shooting in the concurrent class of Super Vet.

Recalling his first registered tournament at the “Big Pig” at Hopkins Game Farm in Maryland, Lyle scored so low that he was actually moved down a class. Undeterred Lyle continued competing and after several years of shooting about 300 practice targets a week and averaging 3,000+ tournament targets a year, Lyle has shown that a new shooter with a well fit gun, practice and commitment you can achieve a high level of shooting expertise.

When not shooting Trap or Skeet or in the field hunting, Lyle has shot his way to many great sporting achievements:
IL State in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 & 2008
ISCA Hall of Fame 2007
2008 All State Super Veteran for Illinois.

Additionally Lyle has placed very well in many competitions throughout his shooting career. 1998 Northbrook “C” Class, 1998 Northbrook Vet, 2000 State Shoot Upland A class runner up, 2001 Trail of Tears Concurrent, 2001 Trail of Tears AA class runner up, 2005 Upland North Zone concurrent, 2006  Upland State Shoot 28 ga, 2006 Green Acres 5 Stand concurrent, 2007 Northbrook North Zone AA 1st place, 2007 Northbrook .410 class and concurrent, 2007 Northbrook 28, 20 & 12 concurrent.

Lyle recalls one of his greatest memories of the sport was watching the late great Ron Delimata receive his ISCA award and acknowledgement for all he had given to the Illinois Shooters. With Ron as inspiration Lyle believes that to improve and give back to this sport we need to “Do what you can to get more young people involved and try to keep it fun for everyone.”

Lyle’s Gear
Shotgun: Krieghoff K-80
Ammo: Winchester AA 7.5
Chokes: Krieghoff titanium
Glasses: Hidefspex Model Panther
Gun Fitter: David Bland of Olive, MI
Custom work: Krieghoff #3 adjustable comb

Lyle’s Clubs
Clubs: Green Acres, Grand Kankakee, Deer Creek

Lyle’s Style:
To accommodate an ailment Lyle shoots with a pre-mounted gun and has found with this technique he can acquire the target faster. To help with this method Lyle has consulted Bill McGuire’s DVDs. While not working directly with a specific coach Lyle does keep up to speed on various styles and methods though various video training. To keep his mind sharp he also works the Lanny Bassham Mental Management System on audio CD. You see the benefits this has brought to his pre-shot routine.

“When I close the action I confirm the break point, move to the hold point, look to the point where I wish to first see the target and call pull,” Lyle said.

I don’t know if Lyle would remember this but Lyle was the first person I ever shot with for Sporting Clays. For me this was a fond memory of being introduced to this fine sport. I have since had the great honor of shooting with Lyle on several occasions and once or twice he let me beat him. I can only hope that I can apply the same dedication, vigilance and focus to reach one half of the notable achievements Lyle has made in his vast shooting career.

See you on the course!!! Dan Grebel
If you know a shooter who should be profiled next please let me know.

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