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Jon Porter

Jon Porter a Truck Driver for Clean Harbors Environmental Services has raised three great children and has been happily married for over 28 years. Jon tried to golf once and found that shooting clay targets was a lot more fun. While not shooting clays Jon also likes to bowl during the week and also hunts and occasionally picks up a handgun for a change of pace.

Jon's first experience shooting sporting clays was at Deer Creek Hunt Club. After seeing the billboard on the highway he had to stop to find out what this was all about. The club manager took him out with a rental shotgun and a few boxes of shells. Like most of us Jon was hooked. The club manager, seeing the familiar look in Jon's eyes, didn't charge him a dime knowing that he had hooked another one. Within 3 years of those first few shots Jon achieved Master Class and has since shot over 56,000 registered targets.

Jon's favorite part of this sport is all the great people he has meet and the great friends made along his sporting journey. A fond memory is borrowing a pump gun and winning the 2004 IL State Pump Gun Championship the first time out. Other notable achievements include the IL State Team for 3 years, 2007 IL FITASC RU & 5 Stand Champion and the 2008 North Zone Master Class Champion.

Jon has refined his game with coach Mike Lumbrazo, DVDs and Tapes. Practice on the course includes working the basics by breaking targets in the sweet spot and then progressing outside his comfort zone to early and late break points. He then only moves on to the next level of difficulty once he's mastered the new position. During tournaments his pre-shot routine consists of finding his pickup, break and hold points for each target, quieting his eyes and then letting the shot happen in the sub-conscious. His shooting method consists mainly of a modified pull away from Dan Carlisle and little bit of maintained lead.

Jon's idea of successful shooting comes from competing with some of the greats like Jon Kruger, Bill McGuire and Wendell Cherry. He say's "Where else can you compete with the pro's and they will help you out while shooting with them?" Jon's recommendation to the new shooter is to take a few lessons to help understand the basics and get started right. Starting with the right basics and breaking more targets at the beginning goes a long way towards your success and is a lot more fun.

Jonís Gear
Shotgun: Browning XS 32" Barrels
Ammo: Reloads of 1oz. at 1350fps or RIO factory
Chokes: Comp-N-Choke
Glasses: Hidef Spex
Hearing Protection: Molded Ear Plugs
Gun fitting: Jon fitted his gun himself and had the stock finished by Bob James at Montana Long Guns

Jonís Clubs:
Deer Creek, Grand Kankakee & Palos Sportsman's Club

Jonís Other favorite places to compete:
Northbrook Sportsman's Club, Wern Valley, Milford Hills and Quail Ridge

See you on the courseÖ Dan Grebel
If you know someone else that shooters should know, please see me on the course.

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